As a member, take additional steps to reclaiming, reshaping and renewing your life.

The C Club One-On-One Coaching Program

Our deepest level of development is The C Club’s one-on-one coaching.  This program assists you in creating a newly defined purpose after cancer.  Often times, cancer is such a life-altering event that you get stuck either personally or professionally.

Work one-on-one with a professionally-trained coach.  The Foundation Workshop provides a base for helping you do things differently.  Why differently?  Because you get different results by making different choices – and you learn how to make different choices.  Weekly coaching sessions continue progress toward living a purposeful life.

Blog Articles

Our blog contains inspirational stories where you learn from others on how they moved ahead.  You’ll get tips and ways to shape a life that you design.


Courses are available exclusively for The C Club members.  You have access to Professional Development, Personal Development and Fun-Living Series programs Sponsored by Excellerate Associates.


Learn the development way!  In the comfort of your own space, take advantage of Teleseminars on varied topics to start and maintain the momentum.  See Events for additional information.