Our Sponsor, Excellerate Associates, leads the Wired to Win classes. Learn more about your innate wiring in the Wired to Win: How Are You Hardwired? or the Wired to Win! Your Path to Passion, Purpose, and Profit.

These transformational classes are expertly lead by the Founder of The C Club and President of Excellerate Associates, Lisa Mininni. Excellerate Associates is an organizational/leadership development, coaching, and mentoring company.

As soon as you register, you will be registered for a one-on-one Welcome Call. Let them know you saw them on The C Club website.

Whether you are altering your career, starting a business, have a business or are looking to transform an aspect of life, these classes are for you.


Do you want to become involved in helping us coordinate activities,  workshops, or write for our blog?  Email us in care of our Sponsor, Excellerate Associates at info@excellerateassociates.com


Remember our one-on-one coaching programs continue throughout the year.  These programs are available for individuals to help reclaim, reshape and renew their lives after cancer.

Often times, life is different after cancer but it is difficult for the conqueror to get unstuck.  Work with a professional coach helps these individuals create a new life and career.

If you are interested in learning how the one-on-one coaching or Wired to Win programs can help you reclaim, reshape and renew your career or business,  please contact our sponsor and facilitator of these programs, Excellerate Associates at 734.223.3938.