by: Jared Sparr

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As a serial entrepreneur, I owned five business with over 100 employees by the age of 30. I was doing a really great job keeping up with the Joneses. I had a nice house, a beautiful wife, a convertible to drive in the summer along with my winter SUV, motorcycles, and jet skis. You get the idea.

I let work take over my life. I rarely took a vacation with my wife, worked late and worked weekends so often that we almost never went out with friends, much less with each other. I was on a road to disaster and wasn’t even aware of it.

Then, I got my wake up call. It was a day I remember quite well. It was the message that could save my life or take it: the day I was diagnosed with cancer. It would become my saving grace. It forced me to took a long hard look at my life through new eyes. I no longer put off things like time with friends or vacations with my family because I thought later might not be there waiting for me.

Those material things I collected no longer held their importance. I chose to simplify my life. I now live in a smaller home and sold the toys. With that change, my expenses decreased dramatically. Almost everything we own is paid for with our disposable income and all of our purchases are in cash. With the road we’re on, everything, including our house, will be paid off in just a few years. My wife and I take two one-week vacations every year, with one of them focused on visiting family or friends. We take several weekend trips throughout the year to de-stress, spend time together, and contribute time and money to charitable causes that inspire us.

I changed how I live life. I have less stress in my life and more free time to spend with my family. Most importantly, my family relationships are so much richer.

It doesn’t have to take a big diagnosis to change your life, just a choice: A choice to change your perspective on what’s most important.

The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in one’s life.

The Dalai Lama

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jaredsparrJared Sparr is a ten-year cancer Conqueror.

He is a Cash Flow Consultant and the owner of Game Changing Business Solutions.

He is the creator of the Ultimate Cash Flow Formula where he shows his customers how to achieve Reliable and Predictable Income.

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